Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tender Mercies in Stores October 2, 2008

On October 2, 2008 cellist Steven Sharp Nelson will release Tender Mercies the follow up album to his award winning and national best selling debut, Sacred Cello.

This new recording is part of an ongoing Sacred Cello Series. Featuring the China Philharmonic Orchestra from Bejing, the recording is a collection of popular hymns, spirituals, and original music. Also appearing on the album is pianists Jon Schmidt, Paul Cardall, and Marshall McDonald. Includes duets with guitarist Ryan Tilby and film composer Ryan Stewart. (Ryan Tilby, Ryan Stewart, and Paul Cardall appear courtesty of Stone Angel Music, Inc.)

Look for this album in select stores; i.e. Deseret Book, Seagull Book, and online at


Steven Sharp Nelson Management
Stone Angel Music, Inc.